When you make excuses for evil while pretending you aren’t

…you eventually just go ahead, drop the pretense, and embrace evil with both arms:

Money quote:

“All life is not equal. That’s a difficult thing for liberals like me to talk about, lest we wind up looking like death-panel-loving, kill-your-grandma-and-your-precious-baby storm troopers.”

Well…. yes?


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  • Joseph

    Well… at least Mary Elizabeth Williams has some people who empathise with her: Hilter, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Nero, Islam… she’s not alone.

    • jroberts548

      I’m familiar with the first 5, but who is Islam? Is that a person? Was he a dictator?

      • Matthew

        jroberts: Nice to have the fundamentalist literalist show up.

        • jroberts548

          And it’s likewise nice to have someone show up who can shoe-horn irrelevant and unfounded claims about 1.5 billion people into any discussion.

          Pointing out that a dumb sentence is dumb doesn’t make one a fundamentalist or literalist. He could have said “Mohammed,” instead of “Islam,” and at the least sentence would make sense.

          The discussion is about certain secular abortion advocates in America adopting a pro-abortion position. Are any of these pro-abortion advocates Muslim? For that matter, are they Bolsheviks or Nazis? Some patriots have a remarkable talent for turning any discussion into one about how all those other peoples are evil. At best, it’s fruitless and annoying. At worst, it distracts from the fact that we’re talking about an American problem, and not a Muslim, Bolshevik, Nazi, or Imperial one. The cause and the cure of the problem are to be found in America, and not somewhere between Morocco and Indonesia.

          • Dave G.

            “And it’s likewise nice to have someone show up who can shoe-horn irrelevant and unfounded claims about 1.5 billion people into any discussion.”

            You’d think we’d know better after endless ages of doing so, though I’m often shocked at how easily people who recognize that have no problem doing the same with approx. 300 million people.

          • Joseph

            Knowing that abortion = the murder of a innocent human being at the earliest stages of development and glowingly approving of it *is* evil, unless I’m mistaken.
            You understood why *Islam* was included in my list as can be seen by your rhetorical response and question. 🙂
            Approximately 300 million of those 1.5 billion believe that murdering innocent human beings who don’t think like they do in the most gruesome manner is delightfully delicious. The rest of them don’t think the killing is nice but won’t do anything to stop it and certainly don’t mind benefitting from the unjust tax levied on them, which is evidence enough that they tacitly agree… they just don’t want the actual blood on their hands (I’m willing to take that back when I see the *peaceful majority* actually do something for the sake of the innocent people their kind are slaughtering for the sake of those people and not for ulterior motives).

            • jroberts548

              Are most Muslims pro-choice? That would actually really shock me. I still don’t see what they have to do with a discussion about abortion.

            • jroberts548

              But while we’re on a completely unrelated topic, I want to know when Christians are going to speak out against the slaughter of Shia Muslims. http://gawker.com/u-n-says-isis-massacred-hundreds-in-ethnic-cleansing-p-1626896437 Sure, a lot of Christians are opposed to ISIS, but they have ulterior motives, so I’m going to dishonestly pretend they don’t count. Most Christians pretend to be peaceful, but then they go to the middle east and stoke a sectarian civil war in Iraq, and look what happens? Where are the Christians who are speaking out about this? (And no, the pope doesn’t count, because ISIS extremists are also killing Christians, so the pope has an ulterior motive and I’m dishonest). Christians claim to be a peaceful people, but why aren’t they speaking out against the ethnic cleansing of Shias and Kurds, without an ulterior motive? This is happening right in their backyard, basically right next to the city where Christianity started, and no one is speaking out about. Therefore, all 2 billion Christians are genocidal maniacs.

  • MarylandBill

    Ultimately pro-abortion supporters had to reframe the discussion. Over time their position was becoming logically harder and harder to maintain. And also, ultimately as our society becomes more decadent, it must inevitably move from the current slight of hand of allowing evil for the greater good to celebrating evil as a good.

  • Joe

    How do you fight against this “logic”? This is reckless nihilism.