In Ye Olden Days, CBS Reported News

In Ye Olden Days, CBS Reported News October 27, 2014

These days they work for Barack Milhous Obama in his Dirty Tricks Unit.

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  • When were the olden days?

    • chezami

      Watergate, f’rinstance.

      • Even today, you will get an occasional real news report out of CBS. It’s a nasty mix of lies, truth, and lies-by-omission. To get something different, you have to go back at least to the day before Walter Cronkite completely blew the story on the Tet offensive and CBS never retracted it.

        I don’t know what the olden days were. I just know where some pretty outrageous whoppers were told by the news media historically.

  • Hematite

    In the not so good but really old days, newspapers tended to cheer openly for their political friends and savagely disparage their enemies. It seems that our media may be reverting to that 19th century model.