When the Powerful Screw Up, the Weak Pay for it

…and lefties should stop deluding themselves that it makes on iota of difference whether one of their own or a Righty is the powerful making the weak pay.

One Day in an Elevator With Obama, Then Out of a Job

The Obama White House has a remarkable talent for petty vengeance on small fry. I wonder if the IRS will go after him next.

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  • Andre B

    The Obama White House has a remarkable talent for petty vengeance on small fry.

    I guess I’m not getting the context for this. What are the other instances of the WH taking petty vengeance out on the little guy? Also, while not being a fan of the militarization of the police in general, and more specifically sympathizing with many in DC that are routinely bullied by the SS and other government agencies, I can understand the SS overreacting to this situation in light of all the criticism it was facing at the time.

    • Pete the Greek

      While I would agree that no, it wasn’t just, I would say it sounds more like the SS trying to save face after having their perimeter penetrated so easily. This guard had to rotten luck to have been around at that time.

      Really, it should have been his supervisor that was fired. A security guard isn’t expected to automatically know SS protocol, but his supervisor should have made sure it was followed.

      Prayers that he finds employment again soon!

      I’m not a fan, supporter nor someone who likes to give the president the benefit of the doubt at all, but if I had to guess, I’d say probably that Obama forgot about this man the second his back was turned and couldn’t care less. More probable that security bureaucracy is the one getting petty.

      • Joseph

        Yep. The proles are invisible to the King.

  • sjay1956

    It didn’t seem to be the White House that went after this man, but the Secret Service and then, ultimately, his own bosses at the CDC, basically for, if the story is accurate, causing them embarrassment. Doesn’t make it any better for him, obviously.