There’s a new biography out about Irena Sendler…

who saved 2500 Jewish children from death during the Holocaust.  She personifies the truth that grace is dark matter, hidden, quiet, unnoticed by the whole world, and yet constituting the force that hold the universe together.  How many Irena Sendlers are there that go utterly unnoticed in this life and yet who are, in fact, the main story about whom all of history really centered while the tyrants and movie stars we thought were the central story came and went?

If Jesus is to be believed, when the real history of the world is finally told  on That Day, it is going to largely be supposed “nobodies” who will finally be given by all of us the fame they so far only enjoy with God and his angels and saints.  Not a bad public that.  But there is a reason that the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin is a mystery of the Rosary.  She stands for all the unheralded nobodies who, like Queen Helen in The Magician’s Nephew who will be finally receive their exaltation and public acclamation when Christ comes again in glory to judge the living and the dead.

Maranatha and have mercy on me a sinner, Lord Jesus.

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