This brutal thug in a uniform behaved in exactly the way he was encouraged to behave, assaulting a completely innocent woman for doing her job and upholding the law.

This happened in late July. You didn’t hear about until now because the cop, who was not fired for committing assault, has been protected by his stonewalling city and department, who only got around to apologizing when the story went public.

The assaulted nurse has graciously accepted the apology. But a police department where this happens, where the other cops do nothing to stop it, where silence is maintained until the damning video *forces* an apology, and where this perpetrator of criminal assault on a law-abiding citizen retain his job is not a department that has dealt with the problem.

My hope is that, after obtaining counsel, the nurse sues them for millions. Institutional changes typical result from severe pain. This police department–and numerous others–need to learn the important lesson that they are not warrior cops keeping a subject population of cattle in line through fear. They are supposed to be guardians of fellow citizens in a free republic.

To be sure, lots of cops reject the Trumpian vision of jackbooted thugs beating up detainees:

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