We’ve All Been There

You’re at a party. A pretty girl walks up to you and says, “So. Where was your house located 240 million years ago?”

And you have no idea. She looks at you in disgust and pity. Somebody standing nearby whirls around, points at you, laughs like Nelson Muntz and says, “What a maroon! What an ignoranimous!”

Your cheeks burn with shame and you think, “It’s happened again!”

Well, no more, citizen! NO MORE!

Thanks to Ian Webster, you can now search for your address (or any address you please) across 540 million years of earth history. Women* will desire you, men** will fear you. All*** shall respect you!

*Named Amy Farrah Fowler

**Named Sheldon Cooper

***For very specific and highly limited parameters of the word “all”

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