Episcopalian Event Horizon

Chris Johnson writes: With the Episcopalians, you eventually reach a certain point where the jokes CAN’T come anymore. The most hilarious part is that an Episcopalian priest who has become an ordained Buddhist actually vows himself to a moral standard that is far closer to Christian morality than to Episcopalian libertinism. [Read more…]

He Knows if You’ve Been Sleeping. He Knows If You’re Awake!

Obama Takes Over Second Role in Blessed Trinity, Assumes Duties of Holy Spirit. [Read more…]

Still Fiddling with the Update

So let me distract you by referring you to the typically insightful, quirky, original and profound thinking of one of my personal faves, Eve Tushnet. [Read more…]

In the words of Zaphod Beeblebrox….

Don’t panic. I’m updating the template on the blog. I will restore commenting as soon as I figure out how, as well as various other stuff. [Read more…]

A reader writes:

Mark can you ask your readers if anyone has an aerial shot or really good pic that shows the extent of the crowd at the March for Life? I want to make a background pic for a catholic site. I want people to see whqt 200,000 pro-life people look like Consider yourselves asked. [Read more…]

Memo to Andrew Sullivan…

…(and All Catholics Who Are Breezily Ready to Excommunicate Other Catholics): Be Careful What You Wish For [Read more…]

Our Long National Nightmare is Over

At last, there is a new hremail at Homestarrunner.com! Also, don’t forget to check out Coach Z’s 110% Hustle for Sports Video! [Read more…]

Jimmy Akin and His Family Could Use Our Prayers

I just wanted to send a note letting you know that my father, Jim Akin, passed away late yesterday afternoon. He had been very sick for a couple of months and, although he stabilized after his initial illness, he suffered a sudden downturn, and there was nothing the doctors could do for him. The downturn [Read More…]

Olson and Miesel Do Triage to Keep Unsuspecting NBC Viewers…

…from Becoming Stupider from Watching “The Last Templar” Some are born stupid. Some achieve stupidity. And some have stupidity thrust upon them. [Read more…]

Fun in Dallas

So I went to the Dallas area on Friday at the invitation of St. Anthony parish in Wylie, TX. Reader Mark Windsor picked me up at DFW (the gigantickest airport in the US of A). Mark used to be a travel agent and so was ideally suited to navigate the Byzantine complexities of DFW and [Read More…]