Womb Transplants in Five Years Two things come to mind as I read this. The first is: I’d be very interested to know what the mind of the Church is on this because I’ve never heard it discussed even in theory. The second is: the people who are rushing forward to do this have, of [Read More…]


Why Europe is doomed: Reason #987 Because the only thing a Euroweenie can “stand firm” on is killing the weak. Though, to be fair, at least some Swiss are joining the Resistance. [Read more…]


“Avoid inappropriate prolongation of life by spoon feeding” I’m thinking of deducting meals as medical expenses from now on. It turns out food and water is “life support”. [Read more…]


Progress Report O Happy Day! Yesterday I finished the draft of the book. What this means in English is that all the heavy lifting is now done. The first six chapters have already been reviewed by my trusty team of editors. I have yet to do edits on Chapter 7 (I hope to start today) [Read More…]


Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

As a Father you were to me. Thank you! Enter into the Joy, Pope St. John Paul the Great! “‘How do I feel?’ Samwise cried. ‘Well, I don’t know how to say it. I feel, I feel’ — he waved his arms in the air — ‘I feel like spring after winter, and sun on [Read More…]

Cardinal Roger “Richard McBrien Says I’m the True Voice of Reform” Mahony is now in the running for the coveted Heartless Prelate Award! Last week it was a horse race between Weakland and Curtiss, who were duking it out with conflicting claims to superior callousness and arrogance. But this week, Cardinal Mahony adds a whole [Read More…]


TV to American Children: You’re Getting Stoooooopid I had fun with this. [Read more…]


Stephen Jay Gould, RIP I always had a soft spot for the man. He was, if memory serves, an atheist like so many of his trade. But there was a willingness to at least attempt fairness toward religionists that was woefully lacking in tiresome and shallow dogmatists like Richard Dawkins. I shall miss him. God [Read More…]


More on the War on the Seal A fellow named Todd Reitmeyer is a seminarian with his own blog. He writes concerning the danger to the Seal our bishop’s stupidity and wickedness has caused: I wanted you to know I have been telling people for about two months that this is going to happen and [Read More…]


Sure it’s way funny. But imagine how much funnier your attempts to say something in Japanese would be. Reminds me of one of Mark Twain’s favorite books: English As She is Spoke, a phrasebook written by the enterprising Portuguese Pedro Carolino in 1883. Carolino did not know English but, nothing daunted, he used an English/French [Read More…]