A Sign of Hope in Canada Prolife aboriginal (known as “Native Americans” south of the 49th Parallel points out bleedin’ obvious to secularized Canucks mired in the nonsense of the Imperial Autonomous Self. What’s interesting as well is the way in which the trendy Lefties of the pro-Choice cadre, who perpetually go all moist and [Read More…]


Heh! [Read more…]


Being prepared–Israeli agent’s advice & warning Sleep well. He’s perfectly right, of course. We’ve fought the “war on terror” about as stupidly as we possibly could. And when the next big strike hits, I suspect we will lurch off to do something else stupid. Speaking of which, here are John C. Wright’s predictions for the [Read More…]


Scientists are Still Analyzing the Japanese Sense of Humor [Read more…]


My Son Luke Sent this to Me During our Recent Epic Weather This was, for Seattle, a world-historical storm, filling even the most zealous Northwest greenie with grave doubts about the slam dunk obviousness of global warming. We’ve not had this much snow at Christmas in 147 years. (Indeed, we don’t get snow at Christmas [Read More…]


I’ve wasted my whole life Behold the Kraken Origami! [Read more…]


I just liked this I saw too the reverence that everyone must have for a sinner; instead of condoning his sin, which is in reality his utmost sorrow, one must comfort Christ who is suffering in him. And this reverence must be paid even to those sinners who souls seem to be dead, because it [Read More…]


What did Hitler say when the July 20 bomb went off?

“I did Nazi that coming.” He was Fuehrerious. [Read more…]

Womb Transplants in Five Years Two things come to mind as I read this. The first is: I’d be very interested to know what the mind of the Church is on this because I’ve never heard it discussed even in theory. The second is: the people who are rushing forward to do this have, of [Read More…]


Why Europe is doomed: Reason #987 Because the only thing a Euroweenie can “stand firm” on is killing the weak. Though, to be fair, at least some Swiss are joining the Resistance. [Read more…]