A reader writes:I recently completed a petition to Withhold Communion from prominent Catholics in public life who dissent from the Church’s teaching on a variety of serious moral issues including abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, homosexual marriage, and embryonic stem cell research to name a few.I encourage you to do the same.Canon 212 S3 of the Catholic Church states that the Catholic faithful have ‘..the right, indeed at times the duty, in keeping with their knowledge, competence and position, to manifest… Read more

I just found out the Fr. Enrique T. Rueda has pancreatic cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy.Father, grant your servant Fr. Enrique complete healing through our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for him! Read more

…demonstrates that even rap music can be redeemed. Read more

I’ve just been invited to speak, in June, in Twisp, WA!I love that there’s a place called Twisp!(It’s actually quite beautiful, situated in the Methow Valley over on the other side of the Cascades. I’ve been there a couple of times.) Read more

Leads to Rise in Back Alley Lethal InjectionsIt’s an Onion headline–for now.I’m waiting for the “Hey! Kids are going to shoot each other anyway. So we might as well have the school nurse issue them guns and have the gang wars in a safe-controlled environment” editorials. Read more

…making Catholics feel better about themselves for over 40 years! Read more

…to make my left rail narrower and my blog entry field wider? If so, can you explain it in terms a techno-fool like me can understand?Update: I’m mostly there, but I still need to make the left margin narrower. Anybody know how? Thanks for the help! Read more

Here’s the short version of my story: I was a proposal writer for a non-profit in Alexandria, VA until early December ’08. Thanks to the recession, some of our top donors were unable to come through with some pretty significant donations. Layoffs began in earnest, and about ten of us lost our jobs in the first round.Obviously this was “inconvenient,” but it wasn’t the end of the world because I already had a small side business in place. When we… Read more

…on Fr. Damien and the New Atheists. Read more

More often wrong than right. Yeah, ocassionally some technological development is (sort of) foreseen by Jules Verne, H.G. Wells or Arthur C. Clarke. Even a blind pig can find truffles. But what’s really stunning is how extremely and incredibly wrong these guys are about so many things while (ahem) guys like Chesterton are amazingly prescient about everything from eugenics to the destruction of the family, to the certainty of WWII (which Chesterton predicted in 1934).The reason is not far to… Read more

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