Dear Luftwaffe: Please come back. All is forgiven.Absolutely crazy. Read more

It’s like painting by numbers. One hardly needs to read it because you know what it will say before Hitchens presses the first key on his keyboard.I find my mind wandering as I read through the polished invective, thinking back to some of the more embarassing moments of self-abasement such as NRO calling in Michael Novak to pull out all the stops in ginning up Catholic enthusiasm for the war by calling him (in a review of god is Not… Read more

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…for saving Western Civilization. One thing I’ve noticed over the years since 9/11 is the clever usage of the “If you’ve seen one Abrahamic religion, you’ve seen ’em all” trope in order to dismiss as “Islamic” any Christian virtues which are inconvenient to the metrosexual project. I wrote a couple of pieces a while back warning Catholic Christians not to get so caught up in defending “Western Values” that they wind up attacking their own faith in order to attack… Read more

You. MUST. Approve. And if you do not and (God forbid) say so out loud, then you can expect all sorts of voter intimidation and threats of violence.These people should man up, face down these bullies, and not be intimidated. Hopefully, they will start to network soon. Enough is enough. Read more

…working hard to keep Catholics feeling less ridiculous. Read more

…would be interesting to learn what other Catholics do when they come across panhandlers and homeless. Read more

60 Minutes Holds Forth on the Impossibility of a Two State Solution Read more

I’m outta here till Monday.Ciao! Read more

FYI. Read more

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