In which we learn that murder remains bad even when we come up with great excuses for it. Read more

Just in case you are wondering how we do what we are doing down here in Savannah, Sir Ian McKellan explains the rich and subtle process we actors call “acting”:I get choked up just listening to this True Artiste explicating the mysteries of our craft to the masses.Things are proceeding apace. Yesterday, Innocent Smith made his first entrance at Beacon House, startling the dull residents therein (not for the last time), irritating Dr. Warner, proclaiming victory over his hat (a… Read more

It’s been a busy couple of days. The other day we re-shot scenes on the roof of the house (a very tall house with a very very long plummet from eave to brick garden pathway. Joey was happy with what we got and it went in the Macbook I am typing this on. So that’s finished. By the way, one fun thing about shooting movies is that mornings work just fine as evenings. All we have to do is tell… Read more

Yesterday, mostly consisted of techie stuff as the DOP and director talked about how to shoot and download everything on to computers, as well as sound and all that stuff. I had little to do besides memorize dialogue for the next few days of shooting, which I did. The main difference between Innocent and me, so far, is that, for a big fat guy, it is a complete mystery how his metabolism works. It is obviously pitched way higher than… Read more

I need to trouble you and your readers for yet more prayers. A close friend’s mother has just passed away. She leaves behind a husband and three sons, ranging in age from 14 to 27. Her funeral is this coming Saturday morning.Also, a teacher at my old elementary school – a really wonderful woman whom my entire family loved, and whom we still saw from time to time – passed away very suddenly last week. Her funeral is on Saturday… Read more

In which we continue our look at the Creed and find out why it matters that the Son of God is begotten, not made. Read more

In which we learn why God bothered to underscore something as obvious as “Honor Your Father and Your Mother”. Read more

Walla2 went well (St. Paddy’s is a great parish and my hosts, Roger and Anita Treis are lovely people!) I zipped home at 8 AM Sunday morning, went to Mass with the fambly for the last time in a month, blasted off to the rifle range with Sean, rushed over the Lynnwood pool for the birthday party, zoomed home for the cake and ice cream and presents, finished packing and getting ready, prayed with the fambly for the last time… Read more

just in case you are looking for an outlet for your Lenten almsgiving. A reader writes:A dear college friend of mine, Emily, became a missionary down in Comayagua,Honduras with the Missioners of Christ after graduating college last year. Recently the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal have provided her with space to start a community library. This library is geared toward the school children in the community that do not have access to the nearest public library. Here is the link… Read more

Yesterday, you got to hear discussions of everything from soup to nuts. Today, you get to ponder political lunatics, discuss some of the Sorrowful Mysteries, drive a seaweedmobile, and track the centrifugal trajectories of Episcopal and Catholic apostates. And, of course, there’s the convivial atmosphere of the comments boxes where you can promulgate your theories, reminisce about Walt Kelly, join me in my complex neocon ultramontane plottings and (who knows?) find that tapioca vendor you’ve been looking for! Wouldn’t your… Read more

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