Down below, I posted a little poem from a reader. Most people were polite and made intelligent remarks about the poem. One reader logged on just to snark about it for no purpose other than to be nasty. I don’t need mindless nasty darts in my combox, so I deleted it. Now the reader writes, “What are you, a Mao Communist? What’s with the censorship?” thus demonstrating one of Shea’s Iron Laws: “The ruder and more adolescent you are, the… Read more

After years and years of incredible nuance on behalf of Bush Administration torture policies (“Golly, what *is* torture anyway! It’s all so confusing!”), after years of warm and sympathetic hearings for any and all arguments that, however tendentious, explain away the obvious teaching of the Church in a cloud of sophistry, after playing empathetic host all the usual suspect from the Ladies’ Gossip Sewing Circle–shazam!All of a sudden, Against the Grain has had a born again experience and is So… Read more

One “Jay Donovan” writes:As a Roman Catholic I find your ultra-liberal ideology on torture upsetting to say the least. Torture is acceptable, extremely useful and has it’s place when it’s a last resort to getting critical information.YOU don’t know crap. Leave it up to the Military. Your not qualified to even write on the subject. A pseudo – intellectual at best.Sorry to hear you reject the teaching of Mother Church in Veritatis Splendor, Lumen Gentium and Evangelium Vitae. You may… Read more

It was beautiful and moving (and a mob scene). One testimony to a live well lived is the number of people who turn up at your funeral, especially poor people. Dignitaries always draw a crowd because other dignitaries have to be there to keep up appearances. The throng that was there last night *wanted* to be there because everybody loved Fr. Tom.Today will be his funeral at 10 AM and I expect another huge crowd (though mitigated by the fact… Read more

In which I suggest the radical idea of looking for Christ where he and his apostles taught that he could be found. Read more

In addition to Bp. Fellay’s “So shut up already” directive to Williamson yesterday, there comes this:Note of the District Superior for Germany of the SSPXAs District Superior of the Society [of Saint Pius X] in Germany, I am very troubled by the words pronounced by Bishop Williamson here in this country. The banalization of the genocide of the Jews by the Nazi regime and of its horror are unacceptable for us.The persecution and murder of an incalculable number of Jews… Read more

Sheesh! And libs keep insisting that it’s Catholics who are obsessed with sex. Read more

So, just to clarify: It’s the Catholic speaker who was for birth control as “economic stimulus”; it’s the unapologetically pro-choice president who isintervening. Incredible.Like Margaret, I choose to take it as a hopeful sign that Obama did this rather than dwell on what a maroon Pelosi is.On the other hand, it looks like the huzzahs were premature for Obama’s supposed rejection of torture. As I feared, the changes, while a step in the right direction, leave the door wide open… Read more

Various threads below are touching on the relationship between Christians and Jews. On some threads (namely, those critical of Israeli butchery of civilians and children), I can generally expect that sooner or later somebody will call me an anti-semite for failing to endorse everything Israel does merely because Israel did it and then assured us all it was fine.Meanwhile, on threads pertaining to SSPX kookery and Bp. Williamson’s attempts to minimize the slaughter of the Holocaust while maximizing whatever helps… Read more

One thing Lefties seem to just *love* is crushing free speech.In related brownshirt news from the People’s Republic of Maplegrad, we find this story of petty officious tyranny from the egregious Human Rights tinpot dictators with delusions of godhood. La Shaidle, co-author of the appropriately titled The Tyranny of Nice, tells the story:Letter carriers in Cornwall, Ontario — a small town on the St. Lawrence seaway — had a long standing tradition. As they started their day they would say… Read more

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