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Please pray for my friend Don, who had diabetes for years before it was diagnosed. Consequently his body has been severely damaged. He’s lost the sight in one eye, and his kidneys have been damaged to point where this man in his early forties is looking at dialysis. He’s despondent and doesn’t know how he’s going to pay for everything.Father, hear your servant’s prayer and grant him the help and healing he needs though Our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother Mary… Read more

Looks like Better Living Through Chemistry to me. Mary’s Aggies Read more

and say “Enough!”. Come on, English Christians. Stop taking this crap from these bureaucratic bullies. Read more

Peter Kreeft has a lulu of an anecdote which reminds me of Augustine’s old lament, “So many sheep without. So many wolves within.” Read more

Test your teacher’s commitment to multiculturalism with this exciting new taste sensation! Read more

indulges in a little economic gallows humor.Forgive me if I do not waste many tears of pity on these pigs–on either side of the tables in DC.Speaking of porkiness, I was driving somewhere the other day and the radio had Limbaugh singing the praises of Walmart. Limbaugh’s ideology is committed to the idea that limitless, unfettered capitalism is the summum bonum of existence and that the human person must take a back seat to the needs of the corporation. So… Read more

I was crazy to worry so much about granting Caesar the power to declare whomsoever he liked an enemy combatant, detain them indefinitely and torture them. As stories like this clearly show, Caesar is an indefatigibly selfless public servant who always has our best interests in mind and would never abuse his power over us for some selfish purpose of his own. So we can afford to stop worrying about erosion our civil rights.Speaking of which:Dear Friends: We recently contacted… Read more

Great last line in this article. Read more

Holocaust denial is intolerable.It’s not a startling message for anybody who is even moderately willing to credit the good faith and brains of Joseph Ratzinger. But it’s a smack in the face for enemies of the Church who are bound and determined to construe Benedict’s attempt to reconcile with SSPXers as an imprimatur on Williamson’s quackery. Sullivan has been promulgating this lie for a week or two now.Meanwhile, Williamson has been feeling the squeeze: public ridicule (richly deserved), loss of… Read more

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