The French want more money for their 35 hour work week. So riots ensue and the US is blamed. From the Wonderland of MSM reporting we get two delightful paragraphs:After dark, as Paris crowds thinned, some protesters clashed with police, throwing bottles, overturning cars and starting a fire in the street, but no major violence was reported.and The powerful CGT union was out in force, with its red balloons filling the horizon and loudspeakers blasting the revolutionary song “The Internationale.”… Read more

Through some internet detective work I dug up some useful contact information for the folks over at NBC Televsision. I emailed John Miller, NBC’s Chief Marketing Officer and Jeff Zucker, the CEO regarding the decision to pull the pro-life ad. John was kind enough to email back and suggest that I contact Sales or Broadcast Standards as they are the divisions that make calls on commercials. Unfortunately he didn’t provide me with any names, but I have turned up… Read more

For the Stuart Smalley in your life:I especially love the “New Moonie Recruit” guy at the end, leaping out of his chair in an orgiastic rush of self-affirmation.Someday archaeologists will excavate the debris of our civilization and, if there’s any justice, this CD have a special glass case devoted to it along with a lengthy description of the late 20th century Western religion of the Self and the various tantric methods that members of the cult used to whip themselves… Read more

No doubt a month late due to subspace interference. Read more

Even intransigent God-botherers can have a seat at the table if they will simply acknowledge that the God we worship is now seated in the White House and that all his judgements are righteous and true. When the Prince of Peace says partial birth abortion is okay, Catholic hospitals must be compelled to provide it, and gay marriage is a glorious sacrament of our civic us-ness that makes it all fine. The Era of Good Feelings has begun! Read more

NBC Sacks Pro-Life Super Bowl AdThanks be to God democratic capitalism was preserved from the effects of the Fall! That’s why it is redeeming the world abroad better than the Church ever could and remaking all people in the image and likeness of America! Read more

Simple, earth-affirming pagans in touch with the rhythms of nature and unaffected by cruel Judeo-Christian notions of sin and guilt celebrate their sexuality with unaffected innocence and childlike wonder. We in the West have so much to learn if we are to shrug off this horrible burden of Christian morality and return to the purity of paganism. Read more

and the 200th anniversary of his birth. So expect this year to be chockablock with atheist materialist agitprop masquerading as science lit. Here’s a little offering from the “Let’s agree to respect each other and admit you theists are doomed” school of pop sci pseudo-theology. Turns out science and religion cannot be reconciled because some guy with a science degree says so. Read more

Pay no attention to that Gulag behind the curtain.Another academic proves the rule that it takes years of careful training to make yourself supernaturally stupid. Read more

Turns out Darwin was a human being and therefore inconsistent. On the one hand, he was a good Victorian liberal who loathed the chains of the slave. I bet he loved Dickens too.What remains unsaid in this article is that he was also as much a social Darwinist as Herbert Spencer (who actually coined the phrase “survival of the fittest”) and cheerfully agreed with his cousin Francis Galton about that fascinating new science of applied evolution called “eugenics”. Read more

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