Review of Jon M. Sweeney, “When Saint Francis Saved the Church”


Jon M. Sweeney, When Saint Francis Saved the Church: How a Converted Medieval Troubador Created a Spiritual Vision for the Ages (Notre Dame, IN: Ave Maria Press, 2014). Author Jon Sweeney has a gift for making Church history accessible, interesting and relevant for a whole new generation of readers, and his latest book ably bears [Read More...]

My Speech at the Book Launching Party for “New York Catholics”

Pat speaking

On Friday, September 19, Orbis Books held a book launching party for my new book New York Catholics: Faith, Attitude & the Works! I offer here the remarks I made at that event: I think the theme of this book might well be summed in the words of journalist Paul Moses: “Who we are contributes [Read More...]

Anti-Catholic Cartoon of the Week: “Three Things That Never Marry”


This widely circulated tract did duty in several anti-Catholic campaigns in the 1910’s and 1920’s. It reads as follows: THREE THINGS THAT NEVER MARRY Three things that never marry—a bull, a bulldog, and a Catholic priest. The bull and the dog are living in harmony with the laws of nature. The priest ignores and defies [Read More...]