Catholic Cemetery Home to Early Baseball Players

Because so many of the early professional baseball players were Irish Catholics, looking at old Catholic cemeteries is like going through a Who’s Who of Baseball history. Today in 1934 marks the death of Baseball Hall of Fame player and manager John J. McGraw (1873-1934) (seen here on the left), who is buried in a [Read More...]

Which Bishop Kearney?

Today in 1935 marks the day that Raymond A. Kearney (1902-1956) was consecrated an Auxiliary Bishop for the Brooklyn Diocese. Born in Jersey City, his family moved to Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant section when he was a child. He was a parishioner at Nativity of Our Blessed Lord Church, where he attended the parochial school. He then [Read More...]

Felix Varela: Cuban Patriot and Priest

Today marks the death of Father Felix Varela (1788-1853), priest, scholar, and Cuban patriot. Orphaned at three, he was raised by his grandfather in Florida. He returned to Cuba at fourteen to study for the priesthood. Ordained at age 23, he became a seminary professor. He would eventually publish seven books on philosophy and social [Read More...]