“La Signora”: Ella B. Edes, Roman Agent (1832-1916)

Today marks the death of Ella B. Edes (1832-1916), convert, journalist and Vatican lobbyist. Born in Massachusetts, she inherited a considerable estate from her merchant father. In 1852, she converted to Catholicism. After her mother died, she moved permanently to Rome, where she got a job as secretary to Cardinal Alessandro Barnabo, Prefect of the [Read More...]

Looking Across the Mountains

Since the time of Constantine, state control of the Church has always been an issue. In France this problem was known as Gallicanism, the term being derived from the Latin for “French Church” (ecclesia gallicana). Basically, it meant that the King was the unofficial head of the Church in France, controlling all appointments and overseeing [Read More...]

Cardinal Rafael Merry Del Val (1965-1930)

Today marks the death of Cardinal Rafael Merry Del Val (1865-1930), papal diplomat and cardinal. Born Rafael María José Pedro Francisco Borja Domingo Gerardo de la Santísma Trinidad Merry del Val y Zulueta in London to a Spanish diplomat father and an English mother, he lived in England until he was thirteen. Ordained in 1888, [Read More...]