After a Retreat

A Cambridge graduate born to a distinguished English family, Robert Hugh Benson (1871-1914) was ordained an Anglican priest in 1895 by his father, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Not long thereafter, he began to question the claims of the Church of England. Over the next several years he joined several Anglican religious communities, but he still [Read More...]

Godfellas– The Movie

Shusaku Endo (1923-1996) was a convert to Catholicism who became one of the leading Catholic novelists of the twentieth century. He is sometimes called the Japanese Graham Greene,” and his 1966 book Silence invites comparison to Greene’s The Power and the Glory. Both novels feature a priest on the run from a government seeking to [Read More...]

Happy Birthday, Cardinal Newman!

Saturday, February 21, is the birthday of the Venerable John Henry Cardinal Cardinal Newman (1801-1890). A graduate of Oxford, he was ordained an Anglican priest in 1824. Newman’s preaching and his writing made him one of the rising stars among the Anglican clergy of his day, and that’s why it was such a shock when [Read More...]