Was Dred Scott Catholic?

No matter how long you study a subject, you never know everything. And today I found out something I never knew, namely, that the two main characters in the Dred Scott case are both buried in Catholic cemeteries. I knew that Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney (1777-1864) was born to an old Catholic family that [Read More...]

“The Mission of the Catholic Press,” 1920′s Style

From the thirties through the sixties, The Brooklyn Tablet was considered “the most influential diocesan paper in America.” Jesuit historian James Hennesey writes that few papers “had the spice” of the Tablet, with its hardcore anticommunism and general conservative tenor. No one embodied the image of the pugnacious Brooklyn Irish Catholic better than its longtime [Read More...]

Confederate President Almost Converts

When he was a child, future Confederate President Jefferson Davis attended Catholic school for a short while, the College of St. Thomas near Springfield, Kentucky. (In those days, “college” was a loose term meaning anything from grammar school through junior college.) Founded by the Dominican Fathers in 1812, St. Thomas was the first school west [Read More...]