Cardinal Gibbons and the Knights of Labor

Today marks the day that Cardinal James Gibbons (1834-1921) of Baltimore (seen above) issued his defense of the Knights of Labor. The Knights of Labor was one of America’s first labor unions, founded in 1869. By the 1880’s, it was the largest, with nearly 700,000 members led by Terence V. Powderly, a devout Irish Catholic [Read More...]

Georges Bernanos, Catholic Novelist

Today marks the death of Georges Bernanos (1888-1948), one of the leading Catholic novelists of the twentieth century. Born in Paris, he studied at Jesuit schools, and for a while he thought about becoming a priest. Instead, he studied law and literature at the Sorbonne, after which he became editor of a royalist newspaper. Since [Read More...]

Was Dred Scott Catholic?

No matter how long you study a subject, you never know everything. And today I found out something I never knew, namely, that the two main characters in the Dred Scott case are both buried in Catholic cemeteries. I knew that Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney (1777-1864) was born to an old Catholic family that [Read More...]