“Champion of the Colored Race”

Today marks the death of Father Stephen Eckert (1869-1923), a Capuchin priest dedicated to working with the Black community. Born John Eckert to German immigrants in Ontario, he took the name Stephen when he joined the Capuchins in Detroit. He was ordained in 1896. Assigned to parishes in New York, he established a reputation for [Read More...]

Polish Schism Leads to Breakoff Church

Today marks the death of Francis Hodur (1866-1953), who led the only large-scale schism in American Catholic history. Born in Poland, he emigrated to the United States and finished his priestly studies in Pennsylvania, where he was ordained in 1893. He was assigned to local parishes, and in 1895 he became a pastor in Nanicoke. [Read More...]

First Bishop Eulogizes First President

In 1789, America got its first President, George Washington, and its first R.C. Bishop, John Carroll. At the time of the former’s death in 1799, Bishop Caroll gave the following eulogy on the Founding Father’s passing: The last act of his supreme magistracy was to inculcate in most impressive language on his countrymen… his deliberate [Read More...]