America’s One and Only Black Catholic Newspaper

There’s never been a newspaper quite like The American Catholic Tribune, an independent Catholic newspaper published between 1886 and 1897. What made it unique was that it was a paper published for African-American Catholics, by African-American Catholics. The driving force behind the paper was a Daniel A. Rudd (1854-1933), a former slave from Bardstown, a [Read More...]

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Brady!

Today marks pop culture icon and lifelong Catholic Florence Henderson’s seventy-fifth birthday. Born Florence Agnes Henderson in Owensboro, Kentucky, she studied at St. Francis Academy, a local girls’ high school run by the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand. After graduation she went to New York, making her Broadway debut in 1952. (No information is [Read More...]

Before Father Duffy, there was Father Chidwick

On February 14, 1898, in Spanish-controlled Havana harbor, the U.S. battleship Maine blew up, the event that triggered the Spanish-American War. Research now shows that the explosion was an accident, but a war-hungry American public was all too eager to accept the conspiracy theory hatched by the jingoist “Yellow Press.” One of the forgotten heroes [Read More...]