How to get in good with your Bishop…

Put him in a stained glass window! This window, located in the sacristy of St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Woodhaven, was installed during the 1960′s. At the time, Bryan J. McEntegart was Bishop of Brooklyn (1957-1968). Bishop McEntegart can be seen on the right, alongside of Christ and Pope Paul VI. The Bishop’s reaction to [Read More...]

America’s One and Only Black Catholic Newspaper

There’s never been a newspaper quite like The American Catholic Tribune, an independent Catholic newspaper published between 1886 and 1897. What made it unique was that it was a paper published for African-American Catholics, by African-American Catholics. The driving force behind the paper was a Daniel A. Rudd (1854-1933), a former slave from Bardstown, a [Read More...]

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Brady!

Today marks pop culture icon and lifelong Catholic Florence Henderson’s seventy-fifth birthday. Born Florence Agnes Henderson in Owensboro, Kentucky, she studied at St. Francis Academy, a local girls’ high school run by the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand. After graduation she went to New York, making her Broadway debut in 1952. (No information is [Read More...]