“Racism is a God Damned Thing”

He looked like a movie star, and John Markoe’s life would make a pretty good movie. Born to a blue-blood Philadelphia family in 1890, he left home after high school to work on the railroad out west. He came back when he was appointed to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He played in [Read More...]

Tolkien’s Parish

Today marks the founding of the Birmingham Oratory in 1848. After his conversion, John Henry Newman decided to join the Oratorians, founded by St. Philip Neri in 1575. For Newman, the Oratory most closely approximated his ideal of religious life with its balance between the communal life and individual initiative. When he returned to England, [Read More...]

Queen Victoria’s Favorite Poet

Today marks the death of Adelaide Anne Procter (1825-1864), poet, social reformer, and convert. The daughter of poet Bryan Waller Procter, she began publishing her poems in Charles Dickens’ literary magazine Household Words anonymously. Her identity was soon discovered, and Dickens published her poems regularly over the next few years. Her first collection of poems [Read More...]