The Harvest is Great…

… Literally! I couldn’t resist adding this one! This 1938 photo from the Universe, a leading English Catholic weekly, shows the Augustinian Recollects of St. Austin’s Priory gathering crops in August 1938. This community was founded in sixteenth century Spain, and the priory was founded in 1932. [Read more...]

And then there were Nuns…

A few months ago I was asked to speak on the history of Brooklyn’s Catholic schools to a group of parochial school teachers. What I discovered as I was preparing my talk surprised me. As we all know, this is a tough period for Catholic education in the United States. For Catholics of an older [Read More...]

Evangelization on Wheels

Begun in 1858, the Paulists were the first religious community of priests founded in America. Their purpose was (and is) to evangelize America. A hallmark of their charism has been meeting people “where they’re at.” Here’s a good example! During the 1930′s, they outfitted a number trailers as portable chapels, and they traveled into the [Read More...]