A New Approach to Religious Life

Today marks the founding of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary in France in 1791. At the height of the French Revolution, Adelaide de Cicé, a French noblewoman, founded this community. What made this community different was that the sisters didn’t wear habits, nor were they known as sisters. To this day they still [Read More...]

Francis Paul Libermann (1804-1852)

Today marks the death of Francis Libermann (1804-1852), founder of a missionary order. Born Jacob Libermann in Alsace, the son of a Rabbi, he converted to Catholicism and was ordained a priest in 1841. He soon founded a community, the Congrregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which worked both with Africans and with people [Read More...]

Francis Clement Kelley and the Home Missions

Today marks the death of Francis Clement Kelly (1870-1948), Bishop and founder of the Catholic Extension Society. Born in Canada, he was ordained in Detroit in 1893. It was while he was working in rural parishes that he got the idea of creating an organization to meet the needs of parishes like his own. He [Read More...]