The Great Forge Write-Off [VIDEO]

Here’s that big announcement I mentioned would be coming yesterday from the Forge America network, in partnership with InterVarsity Press and the Sentralized conference:

Lance Ford mentions “one or more” people could win a book contract with IVP, but you have to attend the Sentralized conference, September 27-29 in Kansas City, and you have to follow some instructions in how to submit your book proposal. (Instructions will be posted on the Sentralized conference website in the near future, apparently. UPDATE: Full instructions and application are available online now!)

Publishing, like every other sector of society, has been disrupted by the Internet, and the leading voice in the major changes happening in the publishing world is marketing guru Seth Godin, who also launched his latest book project yesterday on Kickstarter — and fully funded it (and then some) in less than three hours!

If you want to learn about disruptive innovation from what’s happening in publishing, keep an eye on everything Seth Godin is doing.

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