Galaxy Quest for Missional Nephilim!

At the risk of creating an irreversible irony vortex, I’m going to post something completely frivolous and funny directly after posting the uber-serious “Yes, The Missional Church Needs A Deep Theology.” Consider this your Sunday funny …

Taken from an anti-missional “heresy hunter” website, which thankfully still has a sense of humor:

For years there has been a discussion among missiologists and linguists concerning the proper translation of certain biblical passages into various languages in the entire world. Now, with The Nephilim Bible, translation is for another species!

The Nephilim Bible is the first trans-species Bible for cross-planetary mission work. Its redemptive analogies are based on ancient Noahide legends. Texts are synchronized with universal lore and fables that span history and cultures.

Adaptable to all Sasquatch and Wookiee species! …

Join our Galaxy Quest for Missional Nephilim!

An electrically charged 24/7 prayer simulcast uplinks the Nephilim translation from Roswell, New Mexico, creating open portals for auras and auroras. Spread the Nephilim gospel message to the whole galaxy!

I think the book cover design could use some improvement, but I have to applaud the creativity behind this idea. It’s almost as good as the (actually real) Playful Puppies Bible. But not nearly as useful as the actual Mission of God Study Bible.

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