Her Modesty: A New Fashion Magazine for Muslim Women

Her Modesty is a new fashion glossy created by and for Muslim women. The magazine evolved from a blog and an online magazine. The goal of the magazine’s creator is “to display how sisters can be covered but yet still feel good about themselves and how they look.”

The magazine caters to Muslim women who observe hejab. The creator says that “all of the pictures will feature hijab – although we know that some sisters don’t wear it. We just feel that it’s important to present a magazine that is truely [sic] about the covered modern woman.” (Hasn’t she ever heard of Azizah?) While I dislike the exclusionary practices (and perhaps politics?) behind the idea of only showcasing hejabis, it’s a positive step towards normalizing modest clothing and hejab in the West. And everyone knows how hard it is to find clothing that covers what we want it to (whether you want it to cover everything but your face and your hands, or you just don’t want to show any cleavage).

Check them out. The first issue is to premier in January, but you need a subscription!

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