Friday Links — May 22, 2009

  • Two men and two women were murdered in Pakistan; the families of the women refused to claim their bodies. May Allah give them all peace and justice.
  • Women’s eNews examines Ayse Onal’s work with men who have committed honor killings in parts one and two.
  • Nuseiba’s third part in a series about Orientalism.
  • Dr. Zahra Rahnavard brings the awesome on her husband’s campaign trail, calling for more freedoms for Iranian women.
  • A Saudi Arabian appeals court refuses to ratify the verdict given to the 75-year-old woman who was accused of “khulwa” for being along with two younger men delivering her bread.


    Ugh! It’s just so infuriating to read Unilever’s justifications for peddling its racist products everywhere! And I hate that even here in the Arab world, women think “white is right”! I wonder if it would comfort them to know that in America they would be considered “white” by the US Census survey/sarcasm! And even in Al-Sham they feel they’re not white enough?? I thought Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine were the countries with the lightest skinned Arabs! Just so terrible all around!

  • iao

    Funny you mentioned facebook, because in Indonesia some people think it “could encourage illicit sex”

    And I don’t know if you picked the title for the Double X piece, but “Feminists Don’t Understand Muslim Women” suggests to me that Muslim women and feminists are mutually exclusive. Which you go on to explain in the article is not always the case.

  • Fatemeh

    @iao: I did not pick the title; my qualms with the title are the same as yours. :)