This shouldn’t be a surprise.

A sexist Carl’s Jr. ad? You don’t say!

For their new turkey burger, Carl’s Jr. has rolled out an ad campaign with Miss Turkey in a bikini.

You’d think this would get old, right? Ugh.

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  • Dina

    lol did I read men’s health at the very end??? is that misleading advertising, or too farfetched to reasonably considered true by consumers?? personally, i am not sure ANYTHING of that kind can be taken for granted in the “land of the free” :D


    I thought the ad above was for Hardees? Anyway yeah this ad is terrible with the sexist idea of using women’s bodies to sell something unrelated like food! And then you have them lamely “joking” that in “Turkey they eat turkeys”!!

    And is it just me or was anyone else disturbed by this idiotic ad having a young boy stare at Ms. Turkey. I remember on another website someone astutely pointed out why would a little boy (no where near experiencing puberty) be staring at another woman in a bikini when his own mother is in one too? Are they trying to imply that little boys that age will ogle women???? Just…very disturbing with this ad.

  • SZH

    Are we supposed to eat it?