In your local bookstore…

This great picture from Kawdess is one reason why MMW needs to exist. Thanks to Sabina England for the tip!


We’re going to go on a little vacation until Ramadan starts. We’ll miss you a lot, but we’ll see you again next week!

  • Anne

    Facepalm facepalm facepalm…(one for each veil cover/veil pun)

  • Saira Ali


  • SakuraPassion

    Yeah I go to Barnes & Noble and see this a lot. In fact, I could have sworn a couple of books used the same exact image. O_O

  • Melinda

    Ugh, horrible.

    Mamdani’s book, at least, is (from what I’ve heard — I haven’t read the book itself) a critique of dominant U.S. views and discourse on Muslims. But the rest? And the covers? Gag.


    They do reuse stock photos sometimes, so it might have been the same image. I’ve noticed books (that I haven’t read) with the same exact covers as other books (that I have read). Since of course you do judge a book by its cover, it’s a really weird feeling to see different books with the same cover.

    I’ve also seen the stock photo used in one of the covers for ”Does My Head Look Big in This?” appear in ads for Muslim dating sites. Awkward!

  • Ijtihad

    The photo used on Marina Nemat’s “Prisoner of Tehran” is the same that on Amina Wadud’s “Inside the Gender Jihad”, except for the color of the digital covering that was added on the face (black on Nemat’s vs. white on Wadud’s). Whether they’re telling their story as political prisoner in Iran or scholar theorizing about feminisms within Islam… Muslim women, unite, for we’re all the same!

  • Barsawad

    Ramadhan Mubarak!