Gay and Muslim!? Yes, It’s True!

I saw this documentary, called Gay Muslims, quite a while came out more than two years ago! Still, I found that not too many people knew about it or had seen it. And with A Jihad For Love touring around the country right now, I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at what Parvez Sharma's predecessors have come up when it comes to queer Muslims.The video above is only part 1 of 6. The documentary, which follows the lives of (mostly) young, gay, Muslims in the U.K., starts … [Read more...]

Does hymen restoration = virginity restoration?

This sunday, Time published a story about the rising rates of hymenoplasty in France. the operation seeks to reconstruct hymens that have been broken by vaginal penetration, and are pursued generally to avoid the potential shame attached to not being a virgin at the time of marriage.I could go on and on about why hymenoplasties are an affront to women's bodies and sexualities: the fact that a man's virginity can never be tested--or perhaps that women often break their hymens when doing … [Read more...]

hi my name is fatima.

before last week's post about the most recent incident of domestic violence in atlanta, i completely forgot to introduce myself as a new contributor to mmw. when i found out that mmw was looking for new contributors, i jumped at the opportunity. i frequented the site often before i started writing, and some of the things that were posted on here were often topics of discussion with my sister or my friends. having been raised in a strict pakistani muslim household in suburban wisconsin was … [Read more...]

yet another honor killing…

A Pakistani man, Chaudhry Rashid, in Atlanta murdered his 25 year old daughter this weekend and had his first court appearance today. Deemed an 'honor killing', this story is unfortunately not unique.What always confuses me about stories on "honor killings" is that every case of domestic violence that leads to death (which happens all too often), when committed by a MUSLIM man is deemed an "honor killing". This case seems to be similar to situations that occur SO often in non-Muslim … [Read more...]