“Why Helpless?” Victims of Racist Attacks Are Not Just Victims

A few days ago, as part of an event hosted by Columbia Journalism school, Nahed El Tantawy, Nina Ansary, and Lisa Goldman took part in a panel with the title “Alternate Narratives of the Middle East: Coverage of Women.” I’d recommend everyone go watch it, even thought at the beginning much of the discussion covered well-worn ground – Middle Eastern women are not all Muslim, they don’t all cover, they are not all oppressed, they don't all have the same understanding of their faith, they are anythi … [Read more...]

Friday Links

Sara Niroobakhsh "illustrates with artistry the ongoing conflict between the desires and ambitions of Iranian women stripped of agency in a man’s world."Bake Off winner Nadiya has "done more for British Muslim women than politicians"Puteri Hasannah Karunia is a popular Indonesian fashion blogger trying to change stereotypes of muhajjabas.77 female lecturers sue Cairo University President, Gaber Nassar, for banning niqab among staffDeeyah Khan writes that "women in the Muslim wo … [Read more...]

Friday Links

In Montreal, teenagers knocked a pregnant Mulslim woman to the ground by grabbing her hijab. Some have linked the attack to anti-Muslim bigotry fuelled by the federal debate over the place of the niqab in Canadian citizenship ceremonies.Statistics released by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) points out that "Muslim female participation in the workforce is significantly lower in comparison to that of their Jewish, Christian and Druze counterparts."How can a Muslim woman be a … [Read more...]

Call For Writers!

MMW is looking for more writers to analyze and critique media representations of Muslim women.If you’re interested, email associate.editor@muslimahmediawatch.org with two or more writing samples, any experience you have (school- or job-related), and tell us a little bit about yourself: why you’d like to write for us, and what you think your perspective could add to our site. Email us if you have questions, too!Make sure to put “MMW Contributor” and your name in the subject title, so we do … [Read more...]

Eid Mubarak!

We at Muslimah Media Watch would like to send our best wishes to all of our readers who are celebrating Eid al-Adha. We wish you all a joyous, peaceful and blessed Eid! … [Read more...]

Review of Snow in Amman: An Anthology of Short Stories

This post is crossposted at the writer's blog. Snow in Amman: An Anthology of Short Stories is a collection of eleven contemporary short stories from Jordan translated and edited by Ibtihal Mahmoud and Alexander Hadded, with a foreword by Samir Al Sharif which provides a very brief overview of the Jordanian short story for the reader unfamiliar with the literature.As this anthology is aimed to introduce the reader to the Jordanian short story, it could have benefited from a little more of … [Read more...]

Review: In the Skin of a Jihadist

 In the Skin of A Jihadist by Anne Erelle (not her real name) is a book about a French journalist pretending to be an ISIS fan and interacting with a French-speaking jihadist via Skype. This sentence occurs on the first page: “Do you really love me, Mélodie murmurs, her voice childish and frail.”That one sentence, and the cover, should be enough to clue you in: sprinkled throughout the book's 240 pages are passages that read like a sheik romance novel met an Islamic peril book by … [Read more...]