When Beggars Give You The Salam Nod

There are many not so nice things about being immediately recognizable as a Muslim in today’s world, but there are a few things that are, usually, nice. One of them is what I like to call the salam nod. You spot a fellow Muslim, and do a nod of acknowledgement, and depending on how you feel and the context, you either say a short salam or sing out the whole long greeting. And sometimes conversations happen. And sometimes this makes your day.I get the salam nod an average of three times a d … [Read more...]

Is Islamophobia Real?

A few weeks ago, I was meeting a friend of a friend for the first time. Now usually, my name gets transformed into Tamsin, or Tasmeem, or Tasmeen (the last two have quite unfortunate meanings in Arabic). In this case, the person I was introducing myself to said “Oh, like that creepy ISI woman.” I wasn’t sure what this referred to. Cue explanation that there was a character named Tasneem on season four of the TV show Homeland, a creepy ISI woman who was in league with the Taliban.Although Home … [Read more...]

Review of Brick Walls by Saadia Faruqi

Brick Walls by  Saadia Faruqi is a collection of seven short stories set in Pakistan, featuring a diverse cast of characters, from Asma, a widow struggling to feed her child, to the priveleged Rabia, who finds that wealth does not always protect women, to the precocious ten year old Nida, an aspiring cricketer who is not put off by being told that "only boys can play cricket."Subtitled Tales of Hope and Courage from Pakistan, the stories reminded me of the traditional genre of stories which … [Read more...]

Eid Mubarak

 We at Muslimah Media Watch send our very best wishes to our readers this Eid al-fitr! We hope you had a beautiful Ramadan, and a joyous first day of Eid. … [Read more...]

A Ramadan of My Own

A couple of years ago, I bought my first bike. I had a bike as a child, but since I inherited it from my sister it wasn't technically mine. I loved that battered old thing, used to spend long hours finding all the slopes in the vincinity and rushing down them as fast as I could.Then I grew up and put aside childish things. And that was how bikes were seen where I came from - toys, not means of transport. Cycling just was not something most adults did unless they had to. But here in Sweden, ev … [Read more...]

Friday Links

Following Malak Kazan's lawsuit, the Police Department has announced that it will be implementing a new policy for women who wear a religious headscarfIn case you haven't had enough, here is another story on Muslim women fashion bloggers breaking stereotypes The BBC asks how  London's young Muslims view the 7/7 attacks, interviewing a group of teenage girls who barely remember the events.A Spanish woman has been arrested by police in Lanzarote on allegations she recruited teenage gi … [Read more...]

Friday Links

Rebecca Perring writes about "Sham sharia weddings" which leave women "exposed to lying and cheating husbands" In more Sharia wedding news,the Times reports that young Muslims are fuelling the rise of Sharia marriage. In the wake of this report, the UK's first female Sharia judge made some comments, stating that the “government cannot ask Muslims not to have more than one wife”.Myriam Francois-Cerrah meanwhile writes that Sharia marriages are "not toxic" and demonising them won't help any … [Read more...]