Friday Links

Friday Links July 4, 2015

Rebecca Perring writes about “Sham sharia weddings” which leave women “exposed to lying and cheating husbands” In more Sharia wedding news,the Times reports that young Muslims are fuelling the rise of Sharia marriage. 

In the wake of this report, the UK’s first female Sharia judge made some comments, stating that the “government cannot ask Muslims not to have more than one wife”.

Myriam Francois-Cerrah meanwhile writes that Sharia marriages are “not toxic” and demonising them won’t help anyone.

The Washington Post reports on Britain’s fight with terrorism a decade after 7/7, including the recent wave of British families, men and women and children, leaving for Daesh/ISIL.

On Quran apps that don’t include female reciters 

The case of Raghdaa Ali, another Muslim woman seeing over hijab, follows the case of Maha Aldhalimi who sued the city of Dearborn, saying “officers forced her to take off her hijab for a booking photo after arresting her on parking violations.” Maha Aldhalimi’s case is also discussed here, here and here.

Indian newspapers report that Kerala Muslim women’s college has begun policing what the students wear, banning tight jeans and leggings.

Arab American News on Rahaf Khatib, a hijab-wearing marathon runner 

Photographer Monique Jaques was at the Miss Muslimah World pageant in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and shares what she saw. 

ISIS brides are seeking escape, writes Deeyah Khan

Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights director Joumanah El Matrah speaks about domestic violence and the “cloak of faith” 

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