Friday Links

Friday Links July 10, 2015

Following Malak Kazan’s lawsuit, the Police Department has announced that it will be implementing a new policy for women who wear a religious headscarf

In case you haven’t had enough, here is another story on Muslim women fashion bloggers breaking stereotypes 

The BBC asks how  London’s young Muslims view the 7/7 attacks, interviewing a group of teenage girls who barely remember the events.

A Spanish woman has been arrested by police in Lanzarote on allegations she recruited teenage girls for Islamic State (Isis).

Two of the three London girls who left for Syria in February have married IS fighters, their families say

Muslim maternity trousers that that allow Muslim women in Malaysia to cover up while giving birth” have been criticised as unsafe and contributing to body shaming, Reuters reports. 

Aseel Shaheen, the first Arab woman to officiate at Wimbledon, says that “she was concerned she may not be welcomed at the championship because she covers her head. But she added the All England Club ‘really accepted’ her.”

Joni Clarke, a 22-year old Muslim woman,  attempts to raise awareness of the abuse suffered by women wearing niqab through her video, My Freedom, My Right

Mona Kafeel  of the exas Muslim Women’s Foundation discusses anti-Sharia campaigns in Texas 

Jonathan Merritt speaks to Rifqa Bary about her conversion from Islam to Christianity 

An article on the Girls Initiative in Recreation and Leisurely Sports (G.I.R.L.S), created to give young Muslim girls in Minnesota and female-only avenue to play sports and be active. 

Take a look at Newsweek’s gallery on Remembering the victims of Srebrenica Massacre.

The Arab American News looks at the distinctions between civil and Islamic divorce, and the dilemma for women who can’t get an Islamic divorce and thus “can’t get married again religiously and move on with their lives.”

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