Friday Links — March 5, 2010

Kuwaiti novelist Laila al-Othman believes that there is "too much sex" in new Saudi literature.HijabStyle has an interview with the woman behind Birmingham-based Masoomah clothing.The Arab Times gets around to reporting on Divorcee Radio.Islam Online profiles several brave Kenyan Muslim women who have worked for positive change in their communities.Arab News reports that four talented women have been chosen as part of a Saudi delegation to a U.S. entrepreneurship summit.The … [Read more...]

Fashion Statements

This is an edited version of an article published at Café Pyala. You can read the article in its entirety at their website.Oh, shoot. Here we go again with coverage of Fashion Week in Pakistan. Can we do anything in Pakistan without it being linked in some way to either appeasing the Taliban or kicking sand in their faces?I refer of course to the latest "I-spit-on-the-runway-the-Taliban-sashay-down" type of pieces in the American Christian Science Monitor (titled predictably "Lahore F … [Read more...]

Hijab-Gate, Literally

There are certain stories newspapers here in the U.K. love. Anything that can be classed as "a waste of taxpayer's money" is guaranteed to find its way into print, even more so if it involves something “frivolous” like artwork. And, as has been noticed previously at MMW, the media also has a fascination with Muslim women's clothing.So if there is a story that combines both these fixations, it's bound to generate a lot of print.Tower Hamlets Council has recently put forward a proposal to bui … [Read more...]

She’s (not) a Super Freak

Welcome to the Islamic freak show! Where women can be bought in bulk, wear one-eyed veils to avert temptation, and brides come with gift receipts!In a sensationalist news article, the BBC covers the unfortunate story of an Arab ambassador that decides to have his marriage annulled upon seeing that his new wife was “cross-eyed and had facial hair.” The article's terrible title reads: "Dubai court annuls marriage to 'bearded lady.'" Yikes.Growing up, whenever I heard women in my community of Mi … [Read more...]

The Ball in the Egyptian State Council’s Court: Female Judges

In a reversal of Egypt’s recent trends regarding women in the judiciary, Egypt’s State Council voted this month to ban the appointment of female judges to the council. Despite the fact that Tahani El Gebaly was appointed to be Egypt’s first female judge in 2003, and 31 more women were appointed as judges in 2007, 334 of the 376 council judges voted in favor of the ban. Though Egypt’s Supreme Court has since overturned the ban, the subject has created an intense debate.Dr. Zeinab Radwan, Council … [Read more...]

Friday Links — February 26, 2010

Saudi Arabia is planning to bring in a new law to allow female lawyers to argue cases in court for the first time. There are mixed reactions. More here.The USA Today profiles Iran's first female Olympic skier, who says she is happy with her performance at the Winter Olympics. Islam Online and The Calgary Herald feature her, as well.Muslim women in Washington, D.C.,  lead a protest to remove gender partitions in the mosque on Embassy Row. More here.Jezebel highlights how a German ad … [Read more...]

Politics as Usual: France Gets Riled Up About a Candidate’s Headscarf

Headscarves are the hot talking point in French politics again. But on this occasion, we aren’t talking about girls getting kicked out of high school or women getting kicked out of mayors’ offices.No, the latest uproar comes about Ms. Ilham Moussaïd, a candidate from the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) in France’s upcoming regional elections who dares to “visually” identify herself as a Muslim and stand for election.  Feminists and politicians are up in arms. While not the first candidate wit … [Read more...]