Friday Links — January 15, 2009

After the Afghan parliament rejected several of his cabinet member appointments, Hamid Karzai submits new nominees, three of which are women. But don't get excited yet: the rejected nominees include a woman, so it's unclear whether parliament doesn't want any women, or just one in particular.One of Turkey's most prominent human rights lawyers reveals a secret about her family that may help begin to heal the Turkish-Armenian divide.Nadia Hassan speaks out about her invasive airport search … [Read more...]

The Boy Who Cried “Witch!”: Saudis Investigate Domestic Workers for Witchcraft

Something decidedly medieval is in the air in Saudi Arabia. Fears of black magic and curses cast by Indonesian domestic helpers have spread across the country, and  Saudi employers increasingly feel the need to hire private investigators to check their domestic workers for suspicious behavior and evidence for witchcraft.Investigators, mostly foreign women from neighboring countries, are paid to search for photographs, hair, or clothes belonging to the employers before the domestic helpers are … [Read more...]

Take this Hijab and Love It

This post was written by Jillian C. York, and originally published in the Winter 2009 issue of Bitch magazine.Muslim women, as a group, don't lack for media attention, but to say their representation in mass media is lopsided would be an understatement: They're the subject of political, religious, and feminist debates, but their own voices are nearly invisible in the mainstream media, in film, and in books. But the one place Muslim women--in particular, muhajabat, or wearers of the hijab--are … [Read more...]

Revisiting the Islamic Spirit: Women at the 2009 RIS Convention: Part 2

This is part two of Krista's review of the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention. You can see part one here.Dr. Zainab Alwani, an Islamic studies professor and community activist, was the second of the female speakers, on a panel entitled "The Apple's Rotten Core: The Social Implications of Domestic Violence."  She listed a number of statistics related to domestic violence, including that an average of four women in the United States die every day because of domestic violence.Alwani was … [Read more...]

Revisiting the Islamic Spirit: Women at the 2009 RIS Convention: Part I

This is part one of a two-part series reviewing the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention. Stay tuned tomorrow for part two!This year’s Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Convention was held in Toronto from December 25-27, 2009.  Those of you who have been reading MMW for a while might remember my reflections on it last year (in which I praised the conference, but lamented the very small number of female speakers), and my reflections on the joint RIS-ISNA Canada conference that happened last su … [Read more...]

Friday Links — January 8, 2010

The Yemen Observer profiles Dr. Nadiah Al-Kokabany.A 20-year-old girl was auctioned in a Pakistani village last week. Let me repeat that: AUCTIONED. May Allah keep her.The Age examines the Lebanese magazine Jasad.Dia Diwan interviews Kinda Hibrawi.A Dubai couple is facing jail if convicted of issuing forged marriage certificates to sex workers.Ms. Mehdi goes to the White House.More Jordanian women are leaving unhappy or bad marriages.Mideast Youth looks at the … [Read more...]

Shortlist for “Arab Booker”: Where are the women?

This is a slightly edited version of an article written by Susannah Tarbush. A complete version originally appeared in the Saudi Gazette.The shortlist of six contenders for the annual International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF,) announced last Tuesday at the Beirut International Book Fair, is arousing much interest, as in the previous two years of the prize’s existence. There is speculation, for example, over whether for the third year running it will be an Egyptian author who gets the p … [Read more...]