The Fine Art of Sexism: “Islamic Erotica”

I was hit by a case of déjà vu when reading two recent articles discussing the work of Makan Emadi, which MMW has discussed before. In a piece posted at the Daily Beast, Betwa Sharma boldly claims that Makan’s work is part of a rise in “Islamic Erotica.” Sharma says that Muslim artists are depicting Muslim women as pin-ups. The mainly discusses an ongoing debate about Islamic rulings on the depiction of human beings.Rather than being indicative of a rise in the fetishization of Muslim women, … [Read more...]

Nazia Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: On Nazia Quazi and the Media

Despite her story being told in a series of media alerts posted a few weeks ago on Racialicious, Katha Politt's blog at The Nation, and here at MMW, Nazia Quazi’s problem is not making the headlines it should. Dual Indian-Canadian citizen Quazi has been held in Saudi Arabia for the past two years due to her male guardian's (in this case, her father) refusal to allow her to leave the country.There are many versions to Quazi's story—some including a side trip to Dubai, some including a man, some … [Read more...]

Friday Links — April 16, 2010

Salam alaikum, readers!Sorry for the silence all week! But don't worry--we'll be back to our regular schedule next week, and we didn't forget about the Friday Links!A female suicide bomber killed herself after fatally shooting a police officer in Russia.The National reports that Oman's government will grant free land to women to build their own houses.Bosnian colleges draw students avoiding Turkey's headscarf ban.Electronic Intifada reviews the play Kull Shi Tamaam (Everything … [Read more...]

MMW’s Newest Contributor, Diana

Asalaamu Alaykum everyone!My name is Diana and I will be joining the lovely ladies of MMW. I have been following MMW for some time now and I am amazed at what a wonderful job everyone has done so far. It is truly a blessing to join a group of women with such talent and hopefully I can do some justice to the mission of MMW. I will most certainly add to the diversity of women on this site, though I hope to do much more than that.You can read more about me in the bio section.For now, Salaams, … [Read more...]

Friday Links — April 9, 2010

The Saudi Arabian Department of Civil Affairs will begin issuing ID cards for women that do not require male guardianship.In Pakistan, the family of a woman murdered by her husband's family is seeking justice at the national level. May Allah give the victim and her family peace and justice.The Media Line asks whether Iraq's women miss Saddam Hussein.The Guardian highlights a new danger for sex workers in Bangladesh: steroids.Imam Zaid Shakir writes about the "ethics of chivalry" … [Read more...]

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: the Niqab Debate and Ableism

The Quebec niqab thing keeps going and going (ugh), and I'm still avoiding talking about media coverage of the issue head-on, mostly because I think I'll explode if I think more about the absurdity of it all, and I've written on niqab so much already that there's not a lot else to say.  This post at Racialicious is a pretty good overview of the issue, and of some of the media and activism that has come out in response.  (Also, avoiding the media discussion isn't the same as ignoring the issue.  S … [Read more...]

Jihad Jane & Co.: Brainwashed or Hell-Bent?

The phrase “homegrown terrorist” is being thrown around a lot these days. ABC News used it in reference to Colleen LaRose, a Pennsylvania woman who has been charged with using the Internet for terrorist recruitment. She has also been accused of planning to kill Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who drew cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog.In a similar story, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez from Colorado was detained in Ireland under the accusation to kill the same Swedish cartoonist. The … [Read more...]