Query Tuesday: How Does Your Service Reveal Your Faith?

Quakers ask questions, or queries, as a way of directing their thinking on a topic. We think it is paramount for each person to find their own way with these questions, whether the answers lead them closer to or further from Quakerism. Read more

Is this the last gasp of racism in America?

Probably for the first time, I understand that this struggle, this last gasp will outlast me. It will surely outlast 45. Read more

Have Things Gotten Better? Maybe not. Throwback Thursday

I’ve been reminded of three blogs where I knew what would make things better, what should happen next, and then reality hit. Read more

Fight Fair? Can You Really Do That?

My husband and I have had only one fight in the 40+ years we’ve known each other. I credit our track record to our commitment to fight fair. Read more

Reclaiming My Time: Who Hasn’t Wanted To Do That?

You can only imagine how excited I was to see the clip of Senator Maxine Waters reclaiming her time. She plainly declared that the speaker was out of line. Read more

A Bear Is My Teacher, I Shall Not Want. Lessons from Wildlife.

From my bedroom window, I saw there in my yard a yearling bear lying spread eagle under my safflower seed feeder, scooping the hulls and seeds on the ground. And the feeder was still swinging a bit, as if it had been a piñata. I heard the crunch, crunch, crunch of his jaws as he chomped on the food I’d unintentionally left out for him. Read more

Writing a Poem Together from Gaza City to Colorado Springs

Writing a group poem with young people from Gaza was just like writing one with young people in Colorado. Another way that we are all alike. Read more

What? No Gurus? Quakers Have a PR Problem

A Friend overheard my ponderings and succinctly explained the problem with attracting people to Quakerism. We have no gurus. Read more

Don’t Disrespect My Mom: A Lesson in Feminism From My Son

I was treated poorly at a car dealership service center, and my son was more outraged than I was. When asked in a service survey, he told that that they had “disrespected his mother.” I had taken it in stride. His response put me on notice to practice the Quaker testimony in all my affairs and on my own behalf. Otherwise, I was part of the problem. Read more

Five (Kind of Surprising) Things to Know About Quakers

Quakers are a varied group with a range of practices. Here are five facts that may surprise you about contemporary Friends. For example, almost half of the Quakers in the world live in Kenya. Four more to go…. Read more