Rains are Coming

As I write this I understand a major rain storm is rolling toward us.

When I count my blessings, living here in New England provides many of them. I love the culture. I love the history. I love the countryside. I love the cities. The roaring Atlantic ocean breaking on the shores of Maine. Northampton and the Berkshires. The Freedom trail. The beauty of Vermont and New Hampshire. Connecticut. The Cape.

Nearly all thoughts of living in Providence and Rhode Island are a delight to contemplate.


Okay, it’s but…

I have little use for the climate. (I have to admit the family is divided on this one. My spouse loves four seasons.) As a native Californian I have to assert in the face of all that is, that anything more than two seasons (wet & dry) is an unnecessary extravagance.

And four?

And. Well, okay, but… The dirty little secret out here is that there are in fact not four seasons, but five.

And, now, (and I mean AND) I hear on the news; the rains are coming…

Mud Season is upon us!

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  • http://homefries.org Kenneth

    Yes, wet and dry are the bottom line for California seasons. But from living in the central valley, I decided to explain to people here in the East that there are three seasons: green, gold, and brown. Depending on where in California one is, it’s currently green changing to gold.

  • http://serenityhome.wordpress.com/ serenityhome

    When I lived in San Diego for my internship I was told there were three seasons… wet, dry and fire.Here in Mississippi there are three seasons as well… Steambath, pleasant, and hurricane/tornado; not necessarily in that order. These seem to be true… Having lived most of my life in New England, mud season is far better than the cold blizzards of winter. I would prefer to never again be in blizzard country. I will take my chances with fire or hurricane seasons.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00783902610798734846 Masasa

    I just moved east from the Pacific Northwest, and yeah, I miss wet and dry.I am trying to embrace four seasons, though. I really am. And in my first year, I have been successful in:1. Enjoying fall for the most part.2. Adoring all the snow until after the New Years (at which point, I was pretty ready for spring).3. LOOOOOOOVING the spring (but that has always been my favorite time of year anywhere).4. My plan for the summer is survive if possible in the water. :-)