Pope Embraces Holocaust Denier?

Not my usual territory, but I find it interesting that the pope appears to be moving resolutely to reconciling with the ultra-traditionalist Society of Pius X, apparently lifting the excommunication of its four bishops. This, of course, includes the notorious antisemite and Holocaust denier, Bishop Richard Williamson. What exactly this is supposed to mean, and what outsiders should divine, is not at all clear.

But, it does feel creepy…

Written a bit later: It turns out the deed has actually been done.

Still feels creepy…

  • http://thenakedtheologian.com/ NakedTheologian

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  • http://www.kmareka.com Nancy Green

    I always thought that his remarks several years ago that sparked violence in the Muslim world were not an error but a trial balloon. The Catholic church doesn’t get its popes off the turnip truck. They know what they are doing.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06208142626285495635 Robin Edgar

    That may be properly described as creepy but is it all that creepier than the UUA and individual Unitarian*Universalists, including self-described anti-racist U*Us, turning deaf ears and willfully blind eyes to the disturbing allegations made by German anti-racist and anti-fascist groups that the German Unitarian religious community (Deutsche Unitarier Religionsgemeinschaft) was subverted and used as a front group by neo-Nazi ideologues, some of whom were allegedly former SS officers convicted of (apparently fairly minor) war crimes following WWII right up to the 1990′s? It annoys me when U*Us point the finger at Roman Catholics and other religious groups about unethical and immoral conduct that U*Us may well be every bit as guilty of engaging in themselves. . .

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06208142626285495635 Robin Edgar

    Thanks for posting that comment Rev. Ford. I thought that it might be a bit *too* hot too handle considering that one of the major contributing factors to my being permanently banned from all UUA sponsored email lists back in 2003 was my refusal to cease and desist from asking pertinent questions about these disturbing allegations about Nazi Unit*Aryans as it were that seem to be quite credible.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03320860122104064884 James

    I thought of not posting it, Robin.It is rather inflammatory. But it also seemed on point.Do you know it’s true?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06208142626285495635 Robin Edgar

    No Rev. Ford,I do not know with absolute certainty that any or all of the allegations made by German anti-racist and anti-fascist groups to the effect that top level leaders of the Deutsche Unitarier Religionsgemeinschaft were SS officers convicted of war crimes and used the DUR as a front group to continue to promote neo-Nazi racist ideology following WWII but these allegations do at least appear to be quite credible and are related with stereotypical Teutonic attention to detail. I do know that one of the groups that was and still is publicly airing these allegations was sued for libel but the plaintiff lost. My own personal assessment of these allegations is that they are likely to be founded on readily verifiable facts but might, or might not. . . be stretching the truth a bit. The point that I made on UUA sponsored email lists is that either way they represented an injustice and should be properly investigated and responded to by U*Us. Considering the lengths that the ICUU, DUR, and UUA went to silence my legitimate questions and suggestions I would have to say that the Deutsche Unitarier Religionsgemeinschaft probably does have something to hide. They actually put up a rather lame non-denial denial or “plausible denial” official disclaimer on the DUR web site for a while in response to my online prodding until they figured out that this probably was not such a good idea. My main point here is not so much the disturbing allegations about Nazi Unit*Aryans themselves but the fact that so many U*Us choose to see no evil, hear no evil, and silence my speaking about this and other alleged or real evils of the U*U World. I am not sure what the current situation is. Most if not all of these alleged neo-Nazi ideologues are now dead but one only need to Google Deutsche Unitarier Religionsgemeinschaft and Nazis to find plenty of German language web sites airing these allegations. AFAIAC it is an embarrassment that U*Us could do without and should responsibly look into and deal with one way or another. If the allegations are largely true then today’s German U*Us and U*Us more generally should acknowledge this shameful part of U*U history and officially apologize etc. If these allegations are mostly false and highly misleading U*Us U*U World-wide should “stand on the side of love”, to say nothing of justice and equity, for German Unitarians and denounce this ongoing defamation and libel. Anyone interested in knowing more about this issue could get on the ICUU email list and scrounge through it’s archives for posts that I made in 2003. I suppose that it is possible that some of my posts that asked for answers to questions about specific DUR leaders may have been “memory holed” however. * It turns out that the word Aryan in German is spelled Arier so one can see how Deutsche Unit*Arier could hold a “less than hidden” double meaning that would be ironically convenient to a front group for post WWI neo-Nazis.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06208142626285495635 Robin Edgar

    Needless to say I meant to say postWWII neo-Nazis although they would *also* quite reduntantly be postWWI neo-Nazis. It should be noted that these allegations of Nazi involvement in the post WWII German Unitarian religious community have been written about to some extent in Canadian academic Karla Powe’s book ‘New Religions and the Nazis’ which may be partially read online in Google Books. Of course just because an academic writes something that does not necessarily mean that it has any more credibility than what the German anti-fascist and anti-racist groups have been saying, but such academic written books none-the-less *appear* to have credibility and U*Us know what they say about appearance and politics. . . No?