Sunday Morning in New York

Yesterday continued lovely. Weather continued to cooperate. And while I have an uncooperative toe (always interesting how something so small can be so essential…) we still did some good walking. (and thank goodness for a taxi when you just gotta have one…)

Turned out the Lion’s Gate Yarn shop was closed. However we walked through the Hell’s Kitchen flea market & I am now the happy possessor of two new wrist malas (small Buddhist rosaries), one wooden carved skulls (a favorite theme) and the other bone carved skulls (did I mention skulls are a favorite theme for me… How quickly passes life, life and death are of supreme importance, that sort of thing…).

The Tenement museum was a powerful experience. (the picture is from the museum…) We did the piece work tour. Among my take aways is that while unions have their flaws, I particularly think the current teachers unions sometimes mistake their mission a tad too much as if they were sewing clothes, but… Let me tell you, as the bumper sticker says: unions: the people who brought you the forty hour work week.

And then last night. My goodness, Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks performance was a treat. Actually treat doesn’t do the trick. One of those once in a life time events. The first set was Van Morrison greatest hits. The second Astral Weeks. It concluded with Gloria, which, while it may say more about context, or just me, I found overwhelmingly spiritual…

Today, not so sure yet. This morning for the first time church and home thoughts began to pop up in my brain. Nothing obsessing, but, I can tell there’s been a turn and our little holiday is on the downward slope…

The weather report is threatening something bad. When I walked down to the corner coffee shop it was already snowing, although at the moment the only accumulation is on cars. I picked up a New York Times and we have a couple of interesting recommendations for theatre in the area. We’ll scheme and plot a bit over breakfast.

More to come, as they say, Inshallah…
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