To Touch the Heart Mind

Well, pretty early tomorrow morning, Jan & I and our friend Chris who has been staying with us while he and I’ve been working on a book project, pack up the car and drive to Walpole, New Hampshire for our July Boundless Way sesshin.

Sesshin means to touch the heart mind.

It is the deep retreat of the Zen tradition.

I’ll probably not be able to post anything until I return next weekend.

At each service there is a dedication, what is technically called an eko. We use ancient and modern ones. Here’s one I particularly cherish…

Buddha nature pervades the whole universe, existing right here now.
The wind blows, waves fall on the shore,

and Guanyin finds us in the dark and broken roads.

We give thanks to all the ancestors of meditation in the still halls,

the unknown women and men,
centuries of enlightened women and men,

ants and sticks and snapping turtles.

Let wisdom go to every corner of the house.
Let people have joy in each other’s joy.

All buddhas throughout space and time
All honored ones, bodhisattva mahasattvas
Wisdom beyond wisdom

Maha Prajna Paramita.

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