The Day they Burned Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno died on this day in 1600, a martyr to science. A church led the way, but the church was doing its traditional job of protecting the status quo. So, that blood is on many hands. It is the war of the entrenched upon the revelation of inconvenient truths…

And judging from the continuing attacks on Darwin’s amazing insights as well as the attacks on scientists for warning about global warming, there should be little doubt the war continues…

Of course, always, a better way is at hand…

And, really, we shouldn’t be afraid…

For those who are willing to follow the path right to the end no matter what there is a great reward…

Only don’t know say the wise.

This is about the healing of hearts. The way of not knowing is the mystic way of the ancients.

It not only makes life better, it shows us who we are and what we might yet be.

It shows the connections.

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