Wars on Drugs

On this day in 1933 with Utah’s ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment to the Constitution, the great and terrible experiment of Prohibition ends.

Jan & I dipped into Ken Burns’ five and a half hour, three part series on how Prohibition began, what it did, and how it ended. In part we didn’t see the whole thing because our lifestyle doesn’t support watching anything at this scale at this time in our lives.

But, also, while in some ways compelling, in others, I found it not capturing my heart.I’m not sure why. No doubt the issues continue among us…

In our times I think the “war on drugs” has been a terrible mistake, causing more harm than good domestically and in large measure responsible for tearing several nations apart particularly south of our border.

A child of the sixties, at one time a participant in the psychedelic revolution, surrounded by addiction which ended the lives of several family members, I am not without opinions on this subject.

Bottom line:

Make all drugs legal for anyone over eighteen.

Make sure people know drugs are not good for you. Repeat frequently…

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