The Road We’ve Traveled

  • Matt W

    Hell yeah. Your comment filter said my comment was too short, so I’ll say it again. Hell yeah.

  • jonathonP

    I voted for Obama.

    I will not be voting for Obama.

    I’m not alone.


    Obama had a fund raising dinner at a hedge fund managers house in Brooklyn Heights last campaign. That hedge fund manager purchased his Brownstone home for 6 million dollars a year or so prior to the dinner. The hedge fund manager recently sold his Brownstone for 12 million dollars. Who needs Madoff when you are the 1%.

    This film made by Obama and his campaign is propaganda at best.

    The third reich made films also.


    Here’s a funny viral film about NYC. It will be interesting to see if obama’s video gets 3 million hits.

    Wake up!

    • Phil

      Wake up to what? Hate speech… comparing the Obama administration to Nazi Germany??? Please!

      • jonathonP

        I wasn’t comparing the Obama administration to Nazi germany. I just stated that the third reich made propaganda films too. You did the comparing. Interesting….

        • Phil

          So why even mention ‘third reich’ ??? Lame excuse!

  • http://MAHDIVolunteers Ahmed

    Beware the envious one as he envies, nothing beats success like success. those who want to go back to the stone ages should all move to Utah, or wherever racists choose to inbreed, and form their own racist colony. As for the majority of decent people in this country, we have a President we can be proud of.

  • Jonathonp

    Isn’t it amazing how racism comes into play. I voted for Obama primarily because he was black. I thought it would be wonderful for the country. As did Obama.You can find interviews with michele stating that she asked Obama does he think that politics can really change things. His answer was , “I don’t know, but being a black president will. True I agree. I feel his intentions are good but he is a weak president that has made poor choices and I agree with very little of his politics. Peace, love and equality to all