PreOrder “If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break” at a Steep Discount

Word to the wise!

If you order If You’re Lucky, Your Hear Will Break now you can get a forty six percent discount off the cover price. $9.08 as opposed to $16.95.

Advance words on If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break include:

“A book that sparkles with the complexities of humanity, ethical wisdom, and love.” Grace Schierson, PhD, Zen teacher and author of Zen Women.

“A must-read addition to the growing literature on Western Zen – with an engaging clarity and informed easygoing sophistication.” Zoketsu Norman Fischer, poet, Zen teacher. His most recent book is Sailing Home.

“A wonderful blend of story, advice, perspective, history, and instruction.” Sumi Loundon, one of the emerging new generation of Vipassana teachers and author of Blue Jean Buddha.

If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break is a sparklingly refreshing offering. Ford’s mature, playful, multifaceted Zen has been slow-cooking for forty years and is now ready. Read and delight!” Dosho Port, Zen teacher and author of Keep Me in Your Heart a While.

Get it while it’s cheap!

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