The Woman Behind the New Deal

“On This Day in 1880, Frances Perkins, the first woman to hold a cabinet position, was born in Boston. Raised in Worcester, she attended Mt. Holyoke College, where she became committed to improving the lot of working people. Many years later, when Franklin Roosevelt was elected president, he named Frances Perkins Secretary of Labor. “Madam Secretary,” as she was called, was instrumental in establishing the Social Security system, winning minimum wage laws and bargaining rights for workers, and ending child labor…”

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  • desiree

    I first read this, “two women behind the new deal”. Wondering if the second isn’t the obvious candidate. Frances Perkins seems tantamount to Madelaine Albright…in my years of understanding.

    I remember the first biography I truly read. It was around 5th grade, Eleanor Roosevelt’s.

    I wrote her quote “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” in my copy of saint augustine’s confessions, that I bought for my required interfaith class in college. (I wrote many other things in that book that I look back on with fondness as well.)

    Wondering if having many books with well-worn spines contributes to a strong backbone in the long-run…