The Whole Shebang: Preacher Casey, Tom & Ma Joad & the Way of Universal Salvation: the Video

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  • Wayne

    After viewing the sermon, I happened to pick up a newly arrived selection from Thoreau’s Journal. Opening at random I found: “One man thinks that he has a right to burn his thirty cords in a year because he can give a certain sum of money in exchange for them, but that another has no right to pick up the fagots which else nobody would burn. They who will remember only this kind of right do as if they stood under a shed and affirmed that they were under the unobscured heavens. The shed has its use, but what is it to the heavens above?” — Nov. 18, 1855, H.D. Thoreau

  • jonathonp

    Thoreau’s last words on his death bed were ” “Now comes good sailing” Two lone words: Moose……..Indian.

    James, thank you for this post. Inspiring music and words spoken.

  • Mindful Searcher

    Thanks for this powerful sermon, for reminding us how easy it is to forget the lessons of the past.