It’s Canada Day!

On this day in 1867, Nova Scoita, New Brunswick & the Province of Canada formally united.

While they’re sometimes called the good America, I’m not so foolish as to think they’ve avoided all our mistakes, and haven’t pulled off a few entirely their own, as well. As some of my friends appear to think. And as all things in this world composed of parts, they’re in constant danger of spinning apart. But, you know, given all the difficulties of human gatherings, they’re become one fine country. In many ways an example to the world of how people can come together for the commonweal.

I’m glad they’re our neighbor.

And sometimes providing a pointer to our national conscience.

Happy birthday, Canada!

Happy birthday, Spike!
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  • Tim law

    Thanks so much James for the kind words. What often goes unsaid is that millions of Americans and Canadians are blood relations too. I have family (mostly cousins) spread all over the US. So I like to think of us (Americans/Canadians) as family. But with a fringe benefit of having separate houses! Lol

  • Lynette Genju Monteiro

    Thank you, James. When we get caught in the delusional process called “news”, we are lead away from the beautiful truth that both our countries have been refuges for millions like myself and my extended family in the US. The philosophy of equality (despite it’s failure at other levels) has provided us opportunities and healing in ways that are rarely spoken of. For that, on this day, I bow deeply to you and all those in the world who dedicate their lives to saving all beings.