Through the Gates of Sweet Nectar: Zazen and Beyond

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but this is just about my favorite week of the year. Once again, Jan & I pack up our zafus and head out to the Worcester temple for sesshin, leaving auntie in charge of the cats, birds & fish. (God help ‘em…) Looking forward to some serious practice with some old friends and new.

If you haven’t been to the temple, here is a nice view of the grounds with a comment from one of our teachers.

Now, as our cousin in the Dharma, the Zen teacher Bernie Glassman points out we Buddhists aren’t all that good with melody. But there is a song in this project. No doubt.

And so here’s one from a Hindu friend that speaks to the heart of our practice and, I think, what all this sitting leads to…

See you soon!

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  • alan

    Can you contact me via eamil…I would like to use one paragraph out of a teaching you gave at boundless way zen back in 06 or 07 in a spotlight section of an online magazine for the Association of Professional Chaplains.

    • james

      Alan, I didn’t see a way to respond to your note. You can contact me directly at