Song Signs

On Facebook one of my friends noted what was the number one hit song when she was born. One of those easy things to reference thanks to the world wide web (and you thought it was just for porn…)

Some people put a lot of store in their sun sign.

Me, I think we can find much more by looking at the hit music on our birthday. It is astonishing what it can reveal about the human soul, and perhaps even predict our future course…

For instance my spouse Jan was born as Perry Como was rocking the charts with “If.”

While I was born under Kay Kyser’s “Woody Woodpecker.”

I’m sure my friends will say it explains a lot…

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  • Margaret Anderson

    Mine was “A Little Bird Told Me.” Don’t know the song, but my favorite hobby is birding, and my professional interest is communication skill.

  • Matt King

    “Walk like an egyption” by the bangles … this will require some deep thought and introspection.

  • Chris Amirault

    Egad: the number one song in the US when I was born in June 1963 was “Sukiyaki” by Kyu Sakamoto. What this says about my embrace of Zen I do not know…. and I believe I do not want to know…..

  • Myozen

    Mine was Secret Love by Doris Day, one of my all-time favorite songs. Now I shout it from the highest hills…