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  • tyson

    What is the Buddhist/Zen justification for abortion? Not asking for a “it’s a woman’s body so therefore it is her right to do with it as she pleases” justification. Is there a Buddhist/Zen justification?

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/monkeymind James

    I think generally speaking, Tyson, Buddhism would be considered “pro-life,” but pro life in a much larger sense than the American term for an anti-abortion stance. And it tends to be practical, accepting the complexities of the human condition. Abortion certainly fits that bill. In Japan there is a Buddhist funeral service for aborted and otherwise lost fetuses. Jeff Wilson has written on this and you may find it interesting. http://www.amazon.com/Mourning-Unborn-Buddhist-America-ebook/dp/B001P80EWK

  • tyson

    Thanks for your response. I will check the book out. I did read about a relatively new movement in Korea among Buddhists starting a pro-life movement, but haven’t heard it addressed much in Japan or here in the US.