Time to Legalize Drug Use

Time to Legalize Drug Use November 1, 2012

Now a study shows how the legalization of marijuana use in the US could cut the throats of the Mexican drug cartels.

Let’s get real here.

I’m no fan of drugs. Leaves people stupid. Wrecks lives.

But that’s not the end of the story.

The criminalization of drug use has torn countries apart, left drug cartels in the driver’s seat of vastly too much.

I’ve held forth on this before.

Now in a half dozen states there are votes scheduled to address the subject.

I hope every one of them passes…

Legalize drugs and we empty our prisons, and we can turn a lot of money to deal with the problems at the heart of the deal…

And so I repeat…

Bottom line:

Make all drugs legal for anyone over eighteen.

Make sure people know drugs are not good for you.

Repeat frequently…

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