My old friend and Dharma brother Bill Krumbein has written an e-book, Twelve & Zen. Bill has given us a lovely gift in sharing his deeply personal account of how AA and Zen Buddhism have informed his life. There is an increasing interest in the meeting of the Twelve Steps and the Buddhadharma, and for good reason. Having done this Bill shows his heart and shows us a way. I recommend this book to anyone seeking a healing way for their lives.

And a Blessed 21st of April to All!
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  • Daniel Kaplan

    Let’s start with self disclosure-I not only know Bill Krumbein, I am a friend and we’ve been trodding the path of the Koan Way for years together. I also have NEVER owned a kindle, never wanted to. This offering had me download a Kindle from Amazon and read this ibook with rapt attention. I find it inspiring, beautifully written and a Path for both Zen practitioners and those in Recovery. Bill’s direct and simple suggestions of how to just let the koan hang out with you, his description of small group koan discussions, and his sharing of his own experiences on the 12 Step and Koan Path is inspiring and I’d highly recommend it even if I didn’t know Bill.
    That another Zen friend, James Ford, saw fit to give it a shout out and good write up is a wonderful tribute to Bill and his unique offering. For although there are many who have written on and presented ways of joining zen and 12 step, I know of no others or almost no others who join koans with 12 step. Bill’s contribution to this work should be noted.